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Kuwait Cricket Club's Official Board Elected


Kuwait Cricket Club's Official Board Elected

On 4th May 2019, The General Assembly of the Kuwait Cricket Club elected the first members of the Board of Directors for the period 2019-2023.

The Kuwait Cricket Club elections resulted in the victory of 5 members, namely Haider Abbas Farman as President of the Board, Faisal Abdul Rahman Al Marzouq as Vice President, Emad Al Jassam as General Secretary, Mahmoud Bastaki as Assistant General Secretary and Awadtif Al Qallaf as a Member of the Board as well as representatives of women, whereas Fahd Bastaki will be the representative of the Kuwaiti national players.

On the occasion of the establishment of the Kuwait Cricket Club, the President Mr. Haider Farman, emphasized on the fact that Kuwait Cricket is the only governing body accredited by the International Cricket Council and Asian Cricket Council and the Kuwait National Olympic Committee as well as the Public authority for sport in the State of Kuwait.

In a press statement on the sidelines of the general meeting of the Kuwait Cricket Club, Farman said that the club's elections came with the support of the Minister of Youth and Sports Hamoud al-Jabri and the Director General of the General Authority for Youth and Sports Hamoud Fletah and the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Olympic Committee Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd Al Sabah.

Mr. Farman further explained that the Kuwait Cricket club has presented all the conditions and requests required by the government to complete the formation of the club to be officially announced. He pointed out that on March 27, the Kuwait cricket club was officially accredited and documented in the official Kuwaiti newspapers as per the norms.

These are encouraging times for cricket lovers as Kuwait Cricket Club is bound to take the sport of cricket to newer heights of success and achievements in the State of Kuwait.

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