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Maahas Cricket Club (MCC)

Category: Others

Contact Name: Mohammad Arsalan

Mobile: 0096595539493

Email: maahas.cc@gmail.com

Team Bio:

Maahas Cricket Club, also called MCC based in Kuwait.

The Club is owned by Mohammad Arsalan Abdul Hameed Abdul Sattar.

Like most legends, MCC has embarked upon a journey that is quite simple, intangible and surreal. Created in 2012 as KYCC (Kuwait Youth Cricket Club) and converted as MCC (Maahas Cricket Club). we started out in Kuwait Division D in 2012 and exceeded the expectations of competitors and compatriots. MCC is one of the biggest Cricket Club of Division A in Kuwait Cricket.

The MCC logo was designed to mirror the values and culture of the name MAAHAS. Which mean Lion in Egyptian language. MAAHAS name was founded by the owner of the club. We are impassioned by courage, youth, talent, ambition, focus & dedication and armed with the recognition that with great honour comes greater responsibility. Responsibility of wisdom, perseverance, ethics, morality and professionalism.

Our armor is an allegiance to the excellence and the success we strive to deliver. We fight as a team, using our collective strengths as individuals to always win. Confidence and determination are what we stand by.

Team Officers

Mohammad Arsalan

Mobile: 95539493


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