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Dear Team Captains & Management,

We hope you all had a good summer break with family and friends. Thank you for all the appreciation and wishes for the season concluded 2016-2017 and we now hope that you are geared up for a cracking season of 2017 – 2018.

Please note that Teams / Captains meeting for the upcoming KC DOMESTIC SEASON 2017 - 2018 has been arranged for all interested teams and participants on the
12th August (SATURDAY) at 7:00 PM sharp at Doha Entertainment City Cricket Ground. You must turn up or have your representative come through as we have a HUGE NUMBER of teams who are interested and it will be a first come first serve basis criteria.This year we have lined up a couple of exciting and path breaking tournaments to cater to the entire cricketing fraternity and communities residing in the state of Kuwait. 

You all must note and understand that the demand of playing at Kuwait Cricket is sky high at the moment. Thanks to all the teams and players along with the sincere efforts of Kuwait Cricket Board and the Kuwait Cricket Council.

However, we at KC have two Turf venues at the moment where the idea now is to focus on quality for the real development and betterment of cricket in Kuwait. Therefore, we will only accommodate a maximum of 40 teams on Turf only. Desert will depend on the final number of teams that come through on Saturday the 12th of August.  
Division A and Premier teams will get to play two additional tournaments in the name of KC 50 overs champions league  in order to keep them readily prepared for any format that comes in the shape of an International tournament from ICC and or ACC. International Tournament.

Kuwait Cricket is gearing up to host
ACC U-19 Asia cup qualifiers in the 2nd week of October for a period of two weeks with Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Maldives, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE. During this time both Doha and Sulaibiya will be occupied. 

DDL - Desi Dhamaka League: This league will be based on a franchise model where expatriate communities that are huge in numbers in the state of Kuwait will each have a team. We already have verbal confirmations from potential owners of Calicut, Colombo, Karachi, Kochin, Lahore,  Mumbai, Salmiya and Peshawar. 

Juniors and Seniors Cricket Academy: A full fledge academy for both the juniors and senior cricketers of Kuwait will be running in Doha and Sulaibiya grounds 4 times a week.  

For the seniors category, following is a brief summary of a fixed calendar year with all the confirmed tournaments for the season 2017 - 2018. 

Apart from the above mentioned tournaments we have also planned many other important cricket tournaments (Junior Cricket Championships, Regional Cricket Leagues, Knock out tournaments , T-10 Ramadan, Summer League and Corporate Leagues). The details of those will be announced shortly.

Veterans cricket is on the rise and this season is bound to witness a minimum of 12 teams battle it out for the prestigious trophy. Senior cricketers who are 38+ can contact the vice chairman of KVCC (Kuwait veterans cricket club) @ mga@gulffour.com  for more information and details.

Kuwait Cricket has planned to give and improve the following key areas for the entire cricket fraternity playing Kuwait Cricket Tournaments.
  • Sulaibiya Ground is going through a total uplift at the moment where the entire ground is being re laid with Australian Grass.    
  • A grand  Closing Ceremony for the season planned 
  • Toilets at Doha and Sulaibiya to be revamped. 
  • Interactive website with Team profile, player profile, in depth analysis of the individual scores. 
  • Complimentary Cricket Net Sessions (Cement wickets) for teams playing on turf and Desert grounds at Sulaibiya / Doha.  ( Exclusive email will be sent out shortly on this subject )  
  • New dugouts to be installed at both the cricket grounds
  • Quality of the Cricket Balls will be improved and consistent this season 
  • Social Media Coverage of each and every single man of the match and match result for all divisions
  • Water bottles for all the Desert Championships
  • Man of the Match Trophies / Medals
  • Cash Awards & Trophies for the Winners, Runners & Individual Performances.
  • All the Desert Championship finals to be played in Entertainment City Cricket Ground - Doha 
  • Knock out matches for each tournament and division to remain complimentary and free of cost. 
  • Live streaming for Premier Division A finals only 
  • DJ Music and Entertainment for all the finals
  • Refreshments and meals for all finalists
  • Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Best All rounder to be given purple, orange and neon caps through out the season  with cash awards at the end of the season
Important Note :
As Kuwait Cricket Website is the leading web-portal in the region with all the cricketing features and there is a full dedicated team of professionals looking after the website, please note that an additional annual fees of  KD 50 will be charged from each registered KC team as team and player registration fees for unlimited player registrations. The concept of charging KD 5 extra per player beyond 16 players is wiped out.

Teams who are playing for the first time in KC Tournaments will have to pay KD 200 as a one time membership fee with Kuwait Cricket.           
We would like to sincerely thank the Kuwait Cricket Board led by the President Mr. Haider Farman as without his leadership, Kuwait Cricket would not be progressing at the pace that it is now and this unified approach of all teams, players and sponsors is bound to take Kuwait Cricket to a new level.

Looking forward to all the team captains turning up on
12th August (SATURDAY) at 7:00 PM sharp at Entertainment Cricket Ground Pavilion. Full tournament fees for KC T-20 Premier League Turf will be the only way to confirm official participation. Advance fees of 200 KD for T20 Desert Championship will be the only way to confirm official participation. 

Please note: All teams will be handed a terms and conditions letter from Kuwait Cricket that will cover all the do's and don'ts for the entire calendar year.

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