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A Special Tribute to ABU Umpire “RIAZ CHAUDHRY”


We, the Match Officials of Kuwait Cricket would sincerely like to pay our deepest Tribute on the First Anniversary of our Great Leader, Our Mentor, Our Practical Guide, our “ABU Umpire” Mr. Riaz Chaudhry as the Founder & Director of Kuwait Cricket Umpires’ Panel for a span of almost 2 decades. He had the honors of being the only Director Of Kuwait Cricket Umpires’ Panel for the last 18 Years which itself is a testimony & evidence of his never-ending dedication to Kuwait Cricket, especially the Match Officials of Kuwait Cricket, Almost all the active Match Officials, (Match Referees, Umpires, Scorers) of Kuwait Cricket now are his adoring followers.

On this day, we humbly remember him for his great contribution to Kuwait Cricket, especially to the Umpires Panel for his dedication in bringing up the Umpiring Level & Standards of Kuwait Cricket from the Grass Root Level to the International Standards as it stands now, is just the productive result of his determined contribution to Kuwait Cricket. His endless Service to Kuwait Cricket is extraordinary and memorable.

RIAZ CHAUDHRY has sacrificed his whole life for the development of Kuwait Cricket and till his last breath in Kuwait, he was involved in the Level 0 Course activities to up bring a fresh batch of new Umpires to cater the increasing demand of Local Umpires in Kuwait.

It has been one year he has left us, to this day we still miss him a lot in our day today Cricketing & Umpiring Fraternity, WE swear, there is not a single day on the field that we don’t remember him or think of him for any reason. The loss is really difficult to be replaced or even think of partly replacing of such a highly dignified and significant personality like RIAZ CHAUDHRY…… we all, at K-CUP really really miss you and we salute you for all that he has done to us and it shall remain immortal in our lives forever and ever.

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